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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Administration of Rostov Region together with Presidential Program Alumni Association have the pleasure of inviting you to take part in INTERNATIONAL CONTACT & INVESTMENT EXCHANGE held within the framework of the  XI international Business Forum on DON.

Date of the Event: 20 – 22 of October, 2011
Location: Conference hall, VERTOLEXPO Exhibition Center, 30, Nagibina Ave, Rostov-on-Don, Russia.

Rostov Region enjoys considerable potential for business development. This fact can be attributed to intense economic growth and expansion of business contacts, alongside with favorable geographic location. Unique landscapes, unforgettable local color of the Don Area, historical and cultural sights have been drawing more and more visitors every year. Rostov Region can lay claim to its share of national product only subject to attraction of target investments and development of infrastructure. Successful implementation of such plans fully depends on efficiently formed pool of the parties concerned. The pool shall comprise local authorities, Russian and foreign investors who are prepared for mutually beneficial cooperation.   

Aim of the Event is to establish cooperation and efficient dialogue between Authorities, Business Society and Investors in the field of business diversification of Rostov Region.

Form of the Event provides for presentation & discussion part, round-table discussion, business project exibition and Contact Exchange. Presentation & discussion part shall include round-table discussion on the question of attraction of investments into the industry of  Rostov Region and presentations of investment appeal of the Region in the field of investment sites, key participants, followed by discussions, opinion exchange and proposals. Every participant shall have a possibility to express his/her own views and find a reliable business partner.                                                                                                            

Contact Exchange has a form of direct negotiations between the companies having appealing business projects in the field of tourism and potential investors.

Participants of the event are highly ranked officials of the Administration of Rostov Region, representatives of Russian and foreign investment and consulting companies, media and business society. 

We invite you for mutually beneficial cooperation.

If you need details, we are ready to provide you with reliable information and also advise you in detail on your participation bearing in mind specific features of your business.

Sincerely yours,
Project Manager

Tatiana Litvinova    
mob. +7-918-554-9284   e-mail: tlitvinova@aaanet.ru